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With its understated lines, its rigorous construction that guarantees a perfect seal and a mixed material fabrication that ensures a large thermal reliability, the Elegance window is the answer to your needs. Furthermore, the Elegance window distinguishes itself with its refined and understated lines. As for Entreprises Marchand, simplicity will always rhyme with quality.

The Elegance window stands out with its construction from a mix of the best materials available on the market, including the extruded aluminum outdoor cladding. The latter only necessitating light periodic maintenance. As a bonus, a wide variety of mouldings of different depths are offered to ensure the correct positioning of the window in the wall in order to maximize the performance against condensation and to maintain an optimal convection of the ambient air.



The interior is made of chamfered solid wood of superior quality. Due to its high grade, the wood offers a surface exempt of holes, cracks, crackling and stains. The interior treatment can be painted or tinted to a large variety of tints that can perfectly blend with your existing windows, if that is the case. Of note, all of the hardware is hidden. Inside as in outside, the finesse of the cladding/trimming is remarkable and the central mullion remains the thinnest on the market.

The mosquito screen is discrete and harmonious. It is held in place by an ingenious cushion that ensures the protection of the finish on your wood. The Elegance windows combine perfectly with our Elegance entrance doors that have the same visual characteristics.




  • An aluminum exterior, fiberglass structure and wood on the interior.
  • Thermal resistance: frames and shutters made of fibreglass pultrusion sprayed with polyurethane ensure a thermal insulation that is superior to wood or metal frames insulated with polystyrene.
  • Condensation: the polyester structure reinforced in fibreglass, insulated with polyurethane and wood (a natural insulator) ensures a thermal insulation and minimizes the risk of condensation. The condensation index certifies very high performance.
  • Infiltration and exfiltration: the weatherstripping (two) and the draftstripping inside and outside allow for the control of infiltrations and exfiltrations.

  • Hardware: the opening mechanism has a multi-action lever that facilitates opening and a chassis pawl that activates a multipoint ensemble of fasteners that seal hermetically and secure the window. The mechanism is entirely dissimulated under the chamfered wood mouldings, with only the handle and a miniscule part of the casing are visible.
  • Mosquito screen: made in aluminum and mounted on an extruded aluminum frame, it can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning the window or for storage during the winter season.
  • Minimal outdoor maintenance: an aluminium cladding with a baked polyester painted finish.
  • Continuous weatherstripping.




  • Frame depths of 165 to 292mm (6 ½” to 11 ½”) capable of adapting to different constructions, whether old or new, are available.
  • Window Shutters: fixed or operable.
  • Monolithic assembly of very large dimensions allowing for subdivision with very thin mullions.
  • Very thin transoms to maximize the amount of entering light.
  • The hardwoods that are the most in demand are pine, maple, wild cherry, oak, cherry and mahogany.
  • The Elegance windows can be combined with Elegance doors and make use of the sidelights or transoms.
  • Option of decorative panels at the base of the shutters to harmonise with the house’s other entrance doors.








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