“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Indeed, Concept II stands out with its simplicity and distinction. Concept II offers lines that combine the traditional with modernism. Made of fibreglass, the material constitutes an excellent thermal barrier and ensures a non-deformable structure despite the severity of our Quebecois climate.

There is no doubt that they will seduce you due to their multiple facets:

  • Its low cost;
  • large dimension shutters optimised by the narrowest frames on the market;
  • a combination of two opening motions, one to the inside and the other tilts upwards, a motion called tilt-and-turn;
  • efficient thermal and phonic insulation bring great comfort and allows for savings in terms of energy consumption;
  • the magnificent satin finish on the fibreglass is available painted or lacquered and we also offer trimming in hardwoods such as white oak, gean, mahogany, walnut and cherry, finishes and colours offering a large array of possibilities in terms of the personalisation of your windows to better adapt to the decoration of your home;
  • and lastly, aluminum is a durable material that necessitates no maintenance.



Inside, our classic designs will harmonise with every architectural style. Resistant over time, the Concept II windows are the best choice for a timeless style.




  • Mixed material fabrication allowing us to strategically place the materials in the best place.
  • An exterior in aluminum and interior in fibreglass with the possibility of wood trimming.
  • Unmatched thermal resistance: frames and shutters made of fibreglass pultrusion ensuring a superior thermal resistance compared to a frame made of wood or aluminum with a thermal brake.
  • Variable design thanks to different frames that allow for a contemporary or classic appearance.
  • Fine frames that maximize the amount of natural light.
  • Robust sections that easily allow for very large openings to the great joy of our clients.
  • The aluminum finishes are offered in 25 standard colours. The possibility of a choice of colour from an infinite palette. The system that is used is a high performance finish called Duranar, an oven thermohardening resin that, combined with different polymers and synthetic pigments, offers a wide variety of colours.

  • The interior finish, whether it is lacquered on the fibre or painted on the wood, is a 5-step procedure that gives an impeccable and durable finish.
  • Condensation: the sealed glass unit is positioned in the same place as the fibreglass reinforced polyester structure that is itself situated on the warm side of the wall. They both act as a barrier against the cold and ensure the continuity of the thermal resistance and thus minimize the risk of condensation.
  • Hardware: the tilt-and-turn mechanism offers both a conventional opening and a partial one that favors air circulation. The mechanism also ensures a very secure and hermetic seal for the window. It is completely dissimulated under the chamfered moulding, with only the mechanism’s handle, and thusly the opening, being visible.
  • Discrete and harmonious mosquito screens: made in aluminum and mounted on an extruded aluminum frame, it can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning the window or for storage during the winter season.
  • 3 hermetic seals: they ensure ultimate performance against air and water infiltrations.
  • Minimal outdoor maintenance: an aluminum cladding with a durable oven-baked painted finish.



  • Frame depths of 165 to 292mm (6 ½” to 11 ½”) capable of adapting to different constructions, whether old or new, are available.
  • Window shutters: fixed or operable.
  • Being versatile, the Concept II windows can be converted into a door/window. With a French opening (maximal opening angle of 85 degrees) and a low threshold, they are the ideal choice for a ground floor balcony.
  • Option of decorative panels at the base of the shutters to harmonise with the house’s other entrance doors.






Are you ready to realize your dream?